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Windows 7 for developer (UGIdotNET workshop session) material is here

September 23, 2009

The powerpoint attachment contains only italian slides.

Demos are international :) and you will need Microsoft API CodePack that is a managed wrapper over the native Win32 API that are new in Windows 7. Demos were created with a beta release of CodePack, so there could be some issue to fix with the released version now available.

  • Accelerometer is a demo that requires a physical sensor attached to your Windows 7 machine. The accelerometer sensor must be installed as "sensor" in Windows 7 and enabled from the Windows Control Panel.
    This demo show a picture in a WPF application. When you move the accelerometer (or the netbook with the accelerometer on it) the image stay horizontally still because the accelerometer get the movement and the application rotate the picture accordingly.
    There is a small delay, so the picture is not perfectly still, and in part this is due to the accelerometer precision
  • SevenGoodies show some APIs that are new for Windows 7.
    StockIcons show how to use the icons that are shipped in Windows 7. They are very useful in WPF application that need to resemble to the OS.
    LinguisticServices show how Windows 7 can "guess" the language of a phrase. In the Documenti folder thare are some unicode text files in several languages. Some of that have different scripts. Understanding the language of a typed message can be very helpful in an application.
  • TouchOne is the application I used for SurfRaf. Setting up the complete demo is not easy (as explained in the videos), but the application show what's new in WPF for using a multitouch enabled device. This part is really very easy. I removed some images from the zip file and Visual Studio will complain about this. Simply remove the orphaned items from Visual Studio project.


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