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Reading and writing native memory

September 10, 2020
In my last post I was mentioning that interoperability can be improved just paying some attention and using also new available APIs. I will start with writing native memory avoiding any measurement that may involve the memory allocator. The primitive used here is Marshal.AllocTaskMem but it could be some memory allocated from a native library instead.

In-process interoperability between Javascript/Node and .NET Core

July 22, 2020
I started thinking how I could implement some interop to use C# View Models in Electron. My primary goal was to avoid out-of process calls as ElectronNET did. I really wanted performance and avoid the n-th process opened from Electon. Crazy start but hey, I love experimenting


July 17, 2020
It's been a long time since I last posted here and many things happened in the past. Anyway, nothing changed in my eternal reasearch in improving the software quality, experimenting with new technologies, sharing with the communities I love.

Creating a GUI Application with the .NET Micro Framework

September 10, 2009
This is the same article that was published in the Micro Framework blog on October 9, 2007.    The Swim Timer Application As one of my first projects with the .NET Micro Framework, I created a more sophisticated version of a little project I developed some time ago: a counter for swim training....

SurfRaf: home-made surface for Windows 7

September 07, 2009
On june I presented a session on the new developer stuff for Windows 7. The coolest part was the Multitouch API and a home-made surface-like device. Here there is the full-res video in Silverlight (maximize for full-res). The audio is only in Italian language, sorry about that.surfraf00.mp4 The r...
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